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View Diary: Life-Saving Hospital May No Longer Consider Itself Catholic (31 comments)

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    The fetus was not going to survive under any circumstances, so there was no ethical dilemma.  From the LA Times:

    The case that led to the break involved an unidentified woman in her 20s, pregnant with her fifth child. Eleven weeks into her pregnancy, in November 2009, she developed such severe symptoms of pulmonary hypertension that physicians said she was almost certain to die without an abortion. Because of the age of the fetus, they said, there was no chance to save the child.

    There is no way the Church's position can be reconciled with any coherent notion of being "pro-life."  What the hospital did was pro-life and the Church's position is pro-death.

    Apparently when God has marked a pregnant women for death, medical professionals are supposed to just get out of the way and let nature take its course.

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