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View Diary: House GOP intend to destroy public employee unions (364 comments)

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    Let's let go of measures at the federal level and instead focus on the use of 3-seated state assembly elections.

    Here's a brief write up of it.

    It'd make the state assembly elections competitive, which would attract more attention to them.  It would handicap the rivalry between the two major parties and give minorities a better chance of being the decisive voters.  It'd give local third parties the chance to win some seats and potentially more influence.

    These changes will spill over into other elections thru increased voter turnout due to the incentive and ability of local third parties to persuade nonvoters to vote again.  Most nonvoters are not happy with the major parties.  If local third parties that specialize in contesting local winnabel elections connect with these people then they'll start voting again and their votes in less local elections will on balance tend to help the Democratic party.  Plus, republican moderates would have more exit threat from their party into centrist parties, which would trim the influence of the radical right(theocons, neocons).  

    It's worth talking about more.


    •  You'll get that when pigs fly (0+ / 0-)

      Neither Democrats nor Republicans want to make it easier for third parties.

      When you see Piglet from Pooh Corner flapping by overhead let's talk.

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