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View Diary: House GOP intend to destroy public employee unions (364 comments)

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  •  Why do Republicans hate me? (4+ / 0-)

    I'm a state employee. Have worked for 26 years in IT at rates much, much lower than private companies pay or had paid.  It was a conscious decision I made to stick around and not quit because of the job stability and benefits, including pension.  I haven't had a raise for 5 years now and before that it was pathetic little 1-2% a year raises.

    Now I'm being painted as a greedy, lazy, evil person by Republicans because I chose this path and can retire with medical benefits soon.

    It was part of the deal. It was part of an overall economic compensation package. I deferred some of my potential income during my working years so I could get it at the tail end.  Don't be yanking that away from me now.

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