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View Diary: HUGE--All returning Democratic Senators support reforming the filibuster (168 comments)

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  •  I disagree. What we have now is a devious (6+ / 0-)

    method by which the minority can stop things without enduring the intellectual---and political---effort to explain themselves. This has FAR bigger benefits to retardaire Republicans; they'd just as soon NOT have their objections made public, because they're generally indefensible.

    If/when Democrats are again in the minority, it will serve the nation well to have their objections publicly aired through a real filibuster. We're suffering under a cloud of bullshit fed by fact-free GOPer memes that the present system papers over.

    Discourse is the lifeblood of democracy, which is why Republicans can't stand it. They'll suffer under the new rules, no matter in the minority or the majority IMHO.

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