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View Diary: HUGE--All returning Democratic Senators support reforming the filibuster (168 comments)

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  •  It's so nice to see McConnell's obstructionism (0+ / 0-)

    blow up in his face.

    It remains to be seen what changes they actually end up making, but even if they end up being very incremental, the important thing is that this will establish a precedent for further changes down the road. With a simple majority.

    The minority will now know that if you misuse the toys given to you, they can be taken away. The Senate might actually become functional again, and "just say no" will not be a valid strategy.

    I actually think the filibuster is one of the major reasons why U.S. politics has drifted so far to the right in recent years. It tilts the playing field towards the Republican idea that Government should be minimized as much as possible, and makes it much harder for Democrats to demonstrate the good things Government can actually do for people. So the next two years may be shot as far as our legislative agenda is concerned, and filibuster reform will only be of marginal help. But it really brightens the outlook for the next two decades, and this is why this is such an huge deal.

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