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  •  It's a lawyer's bias but the 1100 issues (3+ / 0-)

    which DOMA messes up in a non-marriage, and the differential tax treatment make a real difference to me. Committed couples do need the protections of real marriage, because of the multitude of details in life in which the partners can better protect themselves and one another inside but not outside that legally well understood relationship. I am professionally tired to death of dealing with a relationship in which one party has died, and the family of the decedent barges in and insists the survivor is a stranger to their now beloved one, who usually was not so beloved when alive, since upon death he, usually, also becomes officially straight to his kin and anyone they can beat down, which he was not when alive either. DP was not strong enough to overcome that pattern.  Marriage is a well understood, legally, and very ordinary relationship tinkered with over the years to make it more protective of those inside it and understood reliably by everyone else outside that relationship whose legal rights are affected by it.

    I have known gay couples since I was a child who sought but could not have and some died without the simple legal protections of marriage, then usually Uncle X who took care of his sister's or brother's children when something, usually death, happened to the original parents, and there was no one else to do it, and finished up the job just fine, thank you very much. I have also known since a child gay and lesbian persons and probably many bis as well, who had the custody of children and raised them up to be indistinguishable from other peoples' children, for which the legal certainties of marriage would have been helpful. T was not possible when I was small, so long ago was it.

    It was originally not a matter of the state or the church at all at least in European tradition, but a transaction principally economic in nature between the families of the happiness-was-not-relevant couple,  and even the Church only really got into it about the Twelfth Century, about the time they really went to war against gay folk, women not being people then.

    •  If you wouldn't mind shooting me an email (0+ / 0-)

      we're about ready to gather some research on the legal issues and numerous marriage-related rights, and you might be able to get us started in the right direction. We're a very small staff right now and most of the lawyers in the state who would normally be working on this effort are currently busy on other LGBT projects coming up, so any help would be useful. One of the big cases we plan to make is that full marriage equality (as opposed to unions or partnerships) is just simpler and more efficient from a legal standpoint, not just a moral one.

      My email is in my profile.

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