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View Diary: Lame duck fail: 19 judicial nominations left hanging (49 comments)

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  •  Harry Reid has had the "NUCLEAR OPTION" (2+ / 0-)
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    Dave925, socalmonk

    available to him for the last two years and will again for the next two years.If an UP or DOWN VOTE is not afforded every judicial appointment it is because Harry Reid was and is to chichshit to pull the trigger.

    by ctkeith on Fri Dec 24, 2010 at 01:09:12 PM PST

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    •  can you explain this more? (0+ / 0-)

      i assume by nuclear option you mean budget reconciliation.  if that is what you are talking about then can you explain how that would help with judicial nominees?

      According to my sources in the White House, President Obama is a closet Republican.

      by bluefaction on Fri Dec 24, 2010 at 01:12:26 PM PST

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      •  clear Opiton (2+ / 0-)
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        ctkeith, FogCityJohn

        The constitution requires that the will of the majority be effective on specific Senate duties and procedures. This option allows a simple majority to override the rules of the Senate and end a filibuster or other delaying tactic. In contrast, the cloture rule requires a super majority of 60 votes (out of 100) to end a filibuster. The new interpretation becomes effective, both for the immediate circumstance and as a precedent, if it is upheld by a majority vote. Although it is not provided for in the formal rules of the Senate,

        He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

        by xanthippe2 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 at 01:38:39 PM PST

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