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View Diary: Good for the Jews? Fourth Annual Jewish Christmas Eve Diary (118 comments)

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    Please don't fight about Christmas. I don't think you're wrong at all for banning it, because what is Christmas?! It's celebrating the birth of the Christ child! WHY would we celebrate that?! Anyone who goes on and on about the spirit of giving blah blah blah is missing the point. It's a religious holiday, but not OUR religion. Can't people be happy with that? I sure don't feel like I'm missing something by not observing someone else's holiday. If you're talking about the spirit of Christmas, well, many Jews practice tzedakah all year round!
    What annoys me is that people just say "Merry Christmas" to absolutely everyone, to the point where you just give up and say it back, although I do feel like stripping off my winter scarf and showing them my beautiful Star of David, and screaming, "I'm a Jew! Stop with the Christmas, already!" Because doesn't being a Jew always require SOME forbearance on our part?
    And doesn't the tree come from German traditions? Shall we celebrate that, along with a beer hall putsch? Nah.
    L'chaim, everyone!

    By the way, there are probably few people who hate Christmas music as much as I do. Really. Okay, "O Holy Night" has a very nice tune, though.

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