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View Diary: Why did Congressional Black Caucus invite Scott and West? (222 comments)

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    as a white guy who watns to see these problems as American problems to be solved by all of us rather than as black problems to be solved by black legislators it is disappointing. I understand the urge and need for a safe space but I feel the wider goals will be better served by more inclusivenss. Cohen represents that part of America that is trying to take responsibility for the injustices in our nation.  I admire his efforts and the gracefulness of his response both as far as I have seen them. Definitely a pat of the solution kind of guy.  Sadly clay's response begs the question "does that mean you are ok with the exclusiveness if that white caucus, Mr Clay?". I realize it is a very different context so the two aren't comparable though which prevents harsher judgment.

    We are getting there. There is forward motion. Things are getting better on some fronts.  

    Too far left to be part of the base anymore.

    by Guinho on Tue Dec 28, 2010 at 10:13:28 AM PST

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