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View Diary: Tea Party Gov To Be Hires Inexperienced Daughter (208 comments)

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  •  hey spud, in fairness, as a parent myself--- (0+ / 0-)

    in fairness, as a parent of a recent grad myself, I gotta point out:  the state of maine isn't providing her housing -- right?

    A recent grad staying with mom & dad for a while, as my own did last summer &  as young twentysomethings have done forever and everywhere -- nothing unethical about that, and truly is not a job-related bennie for the daughter. (The housing bennie is her parent's as Gov., not hers as, umm, whatever it is she's gonna be.)

    Is "board" (meaning free meals for anyone he invites to his table) provided as part of a Maine Gov's benefits package? if so,  true that daughter's getting a bit of a free ride from the taxpayers there, but no differently than if she were unemployed (or employed elsewhere) and still living with Dad.

    •  The LePages sold their house in Waterville (0+ / 0-)

      last week, and they will move into the Blaine House in ten days. Their daughter Lauren will move in with them. Think of the savings she will have compared to other State employees - assuming a modest rent of $500 a month and another $500 for utilities, food, and other living expenses, this indirectly brings her salary to $53,000 a year.

      •  When was the last time you rented an (0+ / 0-)

        apartment, Spud1??


        Lauren wouldn't be able to rent a hovel of a single BR with kitchen & bathroom privileges in Augusta for $500.00 per month! Plus $500.00 in utilities, food, clothing, entertainment, internet, medical, phone, vehicular, cable, & related insurances (e.g., medical, renters' & vehicular), etc.

        No way!

        Google fair market rental prices in the Kennebec County|greater metro Augusta area, please.

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