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View Diary: McCain still angry that Latinos turned on him after betrayal (117 comments)

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  •  Grampy's new tools (3+ / 0-)

    Grampy McSameo really needs a sit-down lesson on using the way-back machine called a VIDEO RECORDER.. The whole concept of being able to re-create HISTORICAL TRUTH seems to elude him...

    He really needs some Geritol too... OR, he can have Cindy drive him to see the Swag-hag's daughter now that she's moving to Arizonie !! Neighbors!! Hummm... I knew that Grampy was in the initial stages of planning for the new "Thunder Dome" construction he's planning on doing for the 2012 Rep. Nat Convention... Maybe windup-dancing-doll Bristol and Grampy are working together??

    He's already started clearing the back 10,000 sq. miles of his ranch in Sedona but to lay the foundation lines for the actual Stadium and then the Thunder Dome itself which will be built to allow the Swag-Hag to duke it out with ALL challengers.. winner take all....

    Should be a bitchin show...

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