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    •  Congratulations Vera! Great news! (12+ / 0-)

      The reason you qualified for a HAMP modification is because you were honest and your fiscal history was solid enough to prove you were risk-worthy for this program. I work in the mortgage industry and can tell you that it is for families like yours that this program was developed.

      The qualifying criteria of President Obama's HAMP was designed to weed out the would-be hucksters, scammers and liars. These applicants stick out like a sore thumb to any underwriter worth anything. They are just trying to game a government system. That's fairly American, if you think about it. But with the financial times we are in now, that game cannot be allowed. Obama's HAMP qualifying criteria is quite brilliant, really.

      Everybody wants "that Obama Plan." The operative word there is 'wants'. HAMP was developed to provide help to those honest, hard-working Americans in NEED of help. Lots of the people who dislike Obama are applying for HAMP and getting denied because they don't NEED or DESERVE this help. Then they go off at the mouth about how the program is a loser and that because they didn't get away with ripping off the government like they wanted to, then Obama sucks and this program is a failure.

      The flip side to the Obama/government/liberal haters is those who got in over their heads when they mortgaged. They knew they could not afford what was put before them, but agreed anyway. They just couldn't walk away from "such a great deal." In defense of some of the ones that got grifted by brokers, they were uninformed or misinformed and were talked into the pseudo-American dream of home ownership because of naivte or ignorance.

      I could go on and on giving example after example, but I won't. Vera, I'm so happy that you wrote this diary. Help is really out there if one is in TRUE need.


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