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  •  so similar! (2+ / 0-)
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    Fiona West, Stranded Wind

    Same spirochete.

    Fortunately, I began my adventures early and was crown chakra high in them in Nepal when the spirochetes took over.

    And I documented my adventures too altho there was no digital to catch them: hitchhiking on planes and trans-Atlantic 12 meter boats, hitchhiking thru Morocco, Europe,,, then my Forest Gump-ish revelatory India/Nepal trip, Everest base camp, baby rimpoches, wheeeeeeeee.... Was a great ride.

    Still with MCS from a messed up limbic system -- that limits my adventures to my favorite third world destinations. But hey, I can work, and still help similarly afflicted souls.

    All the best to you SW, and may the best still be ahead for you.

    •  we should do an old fart adventure (1+ / 0-)
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      Since it sounds like we're both qualified, at least physically, we should do an old fart adventure. Where do you want to go?

      •  ha! guess so... (0+ / 0-)

        My spirit longs for himalayan trails and peaks...dusty Burmese back roads,,,,even high Rajasthan plateaus (I'm kinda partial to the east),,,but the climbing-back-out-of-purgatory good sense probably would "settle" for Grand Caymans in February!

        Heck, I love the beautiful near-ish normalcy of steady part-time meaningful work at this point. I think you understand.

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