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  •  This is an excellent diary. (3+ / 0-)
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    Lujane, laserhaas, FarWestGirl

    I haven't often thought of writing something similar.

    Your diary makes me glad I didn't.  Nothing chaps me like injustice and injustice as a concept almost doesn't exist in this country.  And I cannot bare looking at that fact in the face.

    Most of the common criminals I know that did something stupid and escaped the system--just want to live and lie low.  They will commit crime if they can get away with it and they can commit crime with no guilt because they thing THE MAN is the biggest criminal.  Based on what has  occurred with the banksters; their assessment is correct.

    One of the things they do is watch all the crime stories and cop stories especially reality ones.  I personally hate them.  I was visiting one of my good criminal friends who runs a kennel up in the hills and I watched this true crime story I have never gotten over.

    In some ways it parallels the movie they made in Australia about the mother convicted of abandon murder of her baby daughter when she was taken by dingos.  So there is nothing original about any of this.

    The story takes place in Texas.  No surprise I think about half the worse crime prosecutions I have seen take place in Texas.  And people, living in Texas, just don't care that much to really pay attention.

    This story was about two poor parents who lived in trailer park on the outskirts of town outside the hill country where it was known that packs of dogs abandoned by city people existed.

    Their toddler daughter was taken and they found her after three hours and she was in a bad way.  She was air lifted to a hospital where she was taken into immediate surgery and she died on the table.

    The autopsy reports used to convict her parents were the pictures taken from the surgical interventions trying to save her life.  Their were no pictures submitted of the body before surgery.  The prosecutors said the parents killed their daughter and then tried to blame the dog packs.  The prosecutors deliberately kept the photo graphs taken in the ambulance prior to surgery from the defense.  T

    These people were poor and ignorant and threw them selves on the mercy of the court who had none.  They lost everything and served three years before some group of law students took the case and freed them.

    How these kind of people much less lawyers live with themselves I cannot understand.  Doctor's vow to first do no harm.  Do lawyers pledge to justice?

    Thanks for writing this diary.  It should have made the rec list.  I hope it gets rescued.  Maybe Christmas is not the right time for such a downer and you should try again.

    •  Injustice issues are my life (1+ / 0-)
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      yoduuuh do or do not

      You are to be given high Kudos for being a concerned citizen.

      We have many more stories to come - including elder abuse rescues; and other cases of wrongfull prosecution by corruption.

      Sean Penn even took the issue to heart in his Docu-Drama Witch HuntWitch Hunt Movie

      I personally knew the man who owned the animals on Michael Jackson's ranch. MJ suffered the same abuse; because he wanted to recapture his youth.

      Poor suffer greatly in this country - because we ARE a land of might/money makes right.

      Thank you for taking the time to tell of your own experience.

      Unless we Stand up and Fight for our American Way of Life

      It will be Let Go!

      Laser De Liquidator

      by laserhaas on Sat Dec 25, 2010 at 08:29:48 PM PST

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