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View Diary: The Holy Man at the Grocery Checkout & the 100th Monkey (259 comments)

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  •  I'm totally "there" (17+ / 0-)

    I've been onto this since the 80's when I began to study the budding of systems theory (or chaos theory) in the social(and the biological-Maturana)and evolutionary consciousness sciences.  New Age mysticism and speculation has probably carried the 100th monkey theory way beyond even the soft sciences, but observation and experience over many years of practice as a psychotherapist/social worker-sociologist has confirmed for me this is how trends in cultural thought/belief/wisdom are initiated.  When enough people start talking about it, it becomes cultural folk-wisdom, truth or not.

    Just look how quickly we have all come to the concept of anti-capitalism since Michael Moore's movie came out and we have begun to broadly question the structure of the American, the first-world global economy of power and privilege.  During the Bush years, I would have been paranoid about even speaking the words in public.  I mean socialistic thought was something you could be sent to Guantanamo for -- tortured, cast out to die!

    Suddenly I have a deeper awareness of the pain and suffering of the world -- it's not just unfortunate, it is due to the intention of those in power who thought at one time they knew what was best for the people (ignorant of how to know what was best for themselves), and who now, don't concern themselves at all for the people, only for their own power and privilege.  

    Yes, it stinks to high heaven and it is so dysfunctional and out of balance, it has begun to break down (as in systems theory) -- that particular construct of reality, like the Wizard of Oz, cannot hold the power of truth, and its authority is crumbling as the ruse becomes exposed for what it is.

    Find your own voice--the personal is political.

    by In her own Voice on Sun Dec 26, 2010 at 10:42:21 AM PST

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