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  •  There is actually (4.00)
    some pretty interesting research being done on embryos containing the wrong number of chromosomes (aneuploidy), which cannot develop into fetuses, and the argument is that since such embryos can be considered dead, then harvesting embryonic stems cells from them would be the same as harvesting organs from brain dead adults.

    On another front there is research being done on inactivating the cdx2 gene in mice which will not allow them form tissues that grow into the placenta, and therefore render them unviable, although they can develop embryonic stem cells. Researchers are looking for a simillar gene that could be inactivated in the nuclei of adult human cells before they are fertilized.  

    Should either of these pan out, it will be interesting to see if the wingers either a) shout "hurray!" or b) shit a brick and find another reason to iindulge in narrow-minded hypocricy.  

    I'm betting on "b" myself.

    •  I agree (none)
      I saw an article in Nature about those techniques and thought to myself how tragic it is that so many brilliant people have to waste time on these workarounds just to mollify flat earthers who can't bear for science to work so blasted well.  They are really scared to death that science is displacing superstition.  

      The evolution battle is another aspect of the same idiocy.  But, amusingly enough, they love to go to underdeveloped countries and use our post-Darwinian modern medicine in their "missions" as proof that their deity is better.  It's ludicrous.  To be consistent, they would need to abjure modern medicine or aschew creationism.  

      Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.

      By the way, terrific diary!  Please write more!

      "Force always attracts those of low morality." -- Albert Einstein

      by eyeswideopen on Thu Feb 17, 2005 at 12:35:07 AM PST

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