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View Diary: Is Heaven Populated by Blastulae? (235 comments)

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  •  Fruition Time (none)
    I hope that the consistent folk remain so. Think about it: if they continue to reject all that is stem cell research, then they should also reject the cures and treatments it yields. Given a long enough timeline, this should mean that those of us left-of-center will be living longer, healthier lives. If elections don't turn our way soon, they should eventually!

    Sidepoint on heaven, I've decided that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell can have Heaven. Seeing as our interests are so varied, I can't see any way that we both could enjoy it. I'm sure Pat Robertson can have many a meaningful conversation with the brutally RU-486'ed zygotes and such.

    •  As they get older (4.00)
      it seems like they all start to see the light.  Like Orrin Hatch. Who's managed to concoct some weird position that remains anti-choice and pro-stem cell research. I think maybe he's listened to his own gibberish & worries it might be Alzheimers.
      •  his position (none)
        actually brings up an important point: that it is just an embryo (or pre-embryo) in the petri dish.  It can't become a human, and indeed cannot survive, unless and until it implants in the womb.

        while his position might not reach the most correct conclusion, I do think the implantation distinction (when an embryo becomes a fetus) is an important one.  

        No matter how cynical you become ... you can never keep up.

        by LegalSpice on Thu Feb 17, 2005 at 07:42:55 AM PST

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        •  I suppose that leads (none)
 the similar opinion that human life ends when the DA files murder charges, and wingers therefore have no further need to be concerned.

          Rubus Eradicandus Est.

          by Randomfactor on Thu Feb 17, 2005 at 09:39:41 AM PST

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