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  •  Nature is Sacred (4.00)
    but nature is life AND death.  If it were not, every lifeform would be unable to eat any other lifeform.

    I don't particularly enjoy watching a lion on PBS rip out an antelope's throat.  But I know that is the way Nature is.

    As a woman I know that the power of Nature to create life through my body is Sacred.  I also know that every month, a cycle of life and death of cells enacts.  Sometimes a baby results.  Sometimes, not.  And sometimes, the answer is somewhere in between.

    Nature is not black and white.  It is multi-colored.  There are multiple hues between life and death.  There are combinations of cells which are not viable.  There are lives that must be sacrificed for other lives to continue.  Sometimes that's the life of the mother, sometimes the life of the embryo or fetus within her.  There are always "gray" areas.  They are always moral choices, and "moral" choices, to be made.

    As long as we are obsessed by physical cells, the abortion debate is going to be muddied.

    If we talk about souls however... that's another subject.

    Fascism: it's the new black.

    by marjo on Thu Feb 17, 2005 at 07:00:49 AM PST

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