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  •  When does life begin? (none)
    One point that the "Life begins at conception" people miss is that for a while after conception there's still a chance that the embryo will split into two and become identical twins. So while it's true that conception is an important event, it can't be the one that divides ensouled human beings from unensouled human cells. Provided you get to it early enough, then, an embryo can't be a person with a soul, and stem-cell research is in the clear.

    Another point about this whole pro-life consistency thing is that if you truly believe abortion is the moral equivalent of murder, then consistency demands that your outrage rise to the appropriate level. That is, the people that stand outside abortion clinics decrying the "holocaust of the unborn" are the only people on the pro-life side of the debate with any intellectual honesty, and nothing less than a complete and immediate ban without exceptions should satisfy them.

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