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  •  So.... (none)
    what you're saying is basically a confirmation of my comment that "we can detect signs of neurological
    (brain function) activity at around the end of the second/beginning of the third trimester---22nd week with a some reasonable margin of error, as you put it more exactly. Hmmm, not bad for someone not trained in medicine, basing his information on the memory of an article read in a medical journal about 5 years ago ago. (Pats himself on the back (-;)...
          As I said before,I agree with you completely that that is the point where life begins but you offer a nice empirical justification for it (when such brain activity stops, then the person stops living. And, I would just add, since that living being is not a member of any another species (ontogeny defintiely does not recapitale phylogeny that precisely), it must be a living human being, qed.
         One quibble, I would say that the  beginning of brain activity is a necessary but not sufficient condition for consciosness. If it were, we would have to classify an enormous number of
    very simple organsisms as conscious, for one thing---worms, fruit flies and other insects. That seems extremely problematic at best. But I won't go too far into that here.

    I'd rather be trolled than have a zero-rating. Just don't ignore me...

    by gilgamesh on Sat Feb 19, 2005 at 01:23:20 AM PST

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