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View Diary: The Wounded Knee Massacre: 120th Anniversary (60 comments)

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  •  Wounded Knee and one other non-sequitur (2+ / 0-)
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    Winter Rabbit, Larsstephens

    Of course, genocide of Native Americans and enslavement of African-Americans, and Jim Crow and using the atomic bombs, and Vietnam, and all imperialist wars are our national shames. And so many other atrocities. American exceptionalism-when do we face the truth such a thing no longer exists, never did. Humility we totally lack, against the teachings of all great religious leaders, INCLUDING JESUS CHRIST, religious right wackos. I am so filled with shame. The book is on my nightstand, maybe now I'll finish it. Thank you Winter Rabbit. We are either afraid or too arrogant to admit these many faults. This is off point, but Sean Hannity is a stupid, self-righteous fucker and a racist. Michael Vick committed deplorable acts, but why do hypocrites pretend they are Christians and have not one scintilla of forgiveness for others, especially anyone who is not white and supports the GOP. So obviously coded racism, how dumb does he think people are?

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