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    here from the mob mentality.

    I don't agree with everything that you or others are saying as you know, but I do appreciate the attempt to think abou tthings as oppose to just lashing out at the idea of thinking about how we view history.

    This is an issue that comes up in AA communities too. Namely that in mythologizing the struggle for our equality, we have in some parts of the community lost its meaning. Again I give the example of how people look at the struggle for equal protection under the law and how they now choose to react to gay rights. They can see no similarlities in the issue even as far as the law and will attack anyone for making the legal comparison.

    THe point is that no one is immune from mythologizing hisotry and making it so unique that we learn no lessons from it. That its just to be cherished as unique rather than understood as a part of human nature.

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