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  •  God, I just found out about this. (none)
    How awful. Feels like yesterday that I was furiously signing letters and petitions to keep out GWB's shockingly resurrected gang of thugs from Reagan/Bush1 crime days, like Elliot Abrams, Reich, Poindexter, Negroponte ... but they all got thru.Now Negroponte is on to his THIRD appointment, and to such a BAD place for such a BAD man.

    Checking back I see good ole Barbara B, P Wellstone and R Feingold, the usual suspects, voted him down for UN in 2001 on FR committee. However, good ole Go-Along Joe Biden had great praise for him along with his aye, KERRY let him have an aye, and so did Dodd. Those two did that Feinstein thing of asking worried, concerned questions, and then giving Bush the thuggery he asks for. Then it was on to a full Senate vote of confirmation. (We must have an ambassador in the UN, NOW, was the cry. This guy? Let the sub hold the fort till the mass murdering criminal is off the table, please, why dontcha?)

    This latest positioning is just the worst. National Intelligence! ugh. Just  imagine the shit he has participated in and covered up so far, re Iraq, to get to this spot with BushCo.

    As for getting the despicable goods on him, there is so much out there, it is shameful he is out on the street, never mind in an administration. Third World Traveler has much info on such shenanignas. Democracy Now would be a good source. (Amy Goodman's friend/ex-boyfriend, Alan Nairn was/is an ace deep investigative reporter, did much in uncovering the shit in LA  under Reagan ... there will be lots in DN's archives and if you get in touch with her, she may help.

    •  Unfortunately, this is nothing new to our Senators (none)
      However, now, with a more fired up base and with the absolute gravity of putting this man in this position, some of them may dust off the stuff theyve been sitting on and put it to work.

      Another unfortunate aspect is that they made the fatal mistake of being mealy dems in the first place, letting him get through the door back in 2001. How is it going to look, after they approved him two times before, to suddenly say, "Oh my, this bad man cant be put in charge of our security!"

      That's the problem with making these initial deals with the devil. They have a long lifespan.

      They will have to fight him from an angle of not qualified, plus the old shit. And they will have to play like they didnt know what they knew, although that will look pretty silly, all these years later and just a google away.

      (Biden ought to be gagged, the creep.)

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