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  •  Unfortunately, this is nothing new to our Senators (none)
    However, now, with a more fired up base and with the absolute gravity of putting this man in this position, some of them may dust off the stuff theyve been sitting on and put it to work.

    Another unfortunate aspect is that they made the fatal mistake of being mealy dems in the first place, letting him get through the door back in 2001. How is it going to look, after they approved him two times before, to suddenly say, "Oh my, this bad man cant be put in charge of our security!"

    That's the problem with making these initial deals with the devil. They have a long lifespan.

    They will have to fight him from an angle of not qualified, plus the old shit. And they will have to play like they didnt know what they knew, although that will look pretty silly, all these years later and just a google away.

    (Biden ought to be gagged, the creep.)

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