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  •  I quite agree (0+ / 0-)

    The culture wars are over.  The nutters lost.  The fact that, like the fanatical Japanese, they simply can't accept that they lost and desperately want to keep fighting, just shows how nutty they are.

    If they want to waste their time and effort refighting fights that they have already lost, I say have at it. It prevents them from doing things that might actually be effective.

    •  Nutty or not, lost or no (1+ / 0-)
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      They are still fighting and people - women, queers, immigrants, muslims, etc - are being hurt.

      I call Prop 8 pretty damn effective and the protest of the Mosque near Ground Zero and the immigration bill in Arizona and the people 'celebrating' the anniversary of the civil war and every nutter who stands up and talks about how queers can't be trusted and all muslims are terrorists and how women can't be trusted with our bodies, pretty damn effective, even if only in the blood their words draw.

      Whether or not they lost doesn't matter because they are still fighting and they are still creating  casualties, which many people are ignoring because 'the culture wars are over'. For you maybe, not for me and not for lots of women, queers, immigrants and muslims, to name only a few of the casualties.

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