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  •  I'm bewareofme and I can assure (0+ / 0-)

    you that if Rainbow Girl and I share some similarities, it is purely coincidence.

    I try to live life in a realm of balance. Although I am active in several online communities, I have a very difficult time subscribing to the extremes of any of them as I see that as counterproductive to the life I wish to pursue. It's not that I'm not passionate about certain issues, it's just that I've learned that there's a difference between being proactive and being reactionary. Employing the latter when I was younger rendered me useless in my endeavors of passion. I attempt to take the long view on issues of great importance to me, and, quite frankly, semantics doesn't earn that respect. It's action that I covet and really believe in.

    My online activities are secondary to what I do in the real world. After having been around DK for some time now, I realize that many here have that relationship backward...a lot of talk on here and very little action in the real world. I concede that is me being somewhat judgmental and that is not very nice of me. But, I'm human and I make mistakes all the time. Everyone does.

    I realize that this place is all that some have and that this is, indeed, their action in the world. I would have to be hard pressed, though, not to believe that a majority here say what they say due to the cloak of anonimity that online communities offer. That's the attraction to these types of forums, and another reason why I prefer action in the real world. Putting oneself out there for any and all to see is true courage, not this psuedo-courage begat by a keyboard and electronic code.

    •  In other words, (0+ / 0-)

      you're a really special snowflake who thinks that the power of words and the power of framing — important concepts in politics — aren't as important as your special-snowflake right to "express yourself."

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