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View Diary: Please leave Mental Illness out of your debates (49 comments)

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  •  The problem is that there is a political cult (5+ / 0-)
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    that has co-opted Christianity as a political project, instead of a matter of personal faith.
    They essentially want to force their religion on everyone else, (in violation of the Constitution), and they're engaging in an effort of political revisionism, led by some who have been inspired by the likes of RJ Rushdoony.

    Mental illness as a public health issue is a glaring example of the callous nature of our society. We are all too ready to stigmatize the person with the terrifying disease of mental illness. They are victims of the most extreme abuse. People should think twice before they bandy the claim of "mentally ill" around as an insult.

    People should try to understand the nature of Christian authoritarianism. Christians, as well as Muslims, facing the materialistic, technological, modern world, in which science is dominant, are torn, conflicted in spirit, by the realities which science has illuminated if not laid bare. An atomic bomb blows up because it is built properly according to scientific principles, as predicted by experiment and mathematical models, etc. Not because it was guided by Biblical scripture.
    A car starts because there's gas in the tank, and we turn the key on, not because we invoke a sacred epithet or prayer.
    The "Christians" who have re-defined Christianity to be a collection of shibboleths of identity and otherness, of politics, are finding their personal faith challenged,they have doubt, fear.
    Because they are hovering on the cusp of belief in everlasting life, and the abyss of oblivion, they're constantly in a state of subliminal if not overt panic.
    They externalize this lack of faith, this doubt. They blame it on the other;the gay, the pro-choice liberals, etc.
    This also influences their elevation of the Bible as the "infallible word of God", and demand a "literal" interpretation to the Bible to the point of absurdity.
    Atheists who insult Christians increase the paranoia of these "theocratic" Xtians. They're also pushing other Xtians into the camps of the theocrats, reinforcing the "us vs them" identification.
    I understand the frustration of atheists, but I can testify to the fact there are many fine, thinking, idealistic, Christians, who do a great deal in actual service to the poor and underprivileged, not just "opinion-eering" on progressive causes.
    We're better off peeling the layers back on the evangelical onion and isolate the true demagogues and racists and authoritarians on the religious right.

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