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View Diary: Napa State Hospital - Will Someone Please Step Up to the Plate? (39 comments)

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  •  Some things never change (10+ / 0-)

    In 1980, I resigned as RN Supervisor of a state hospital psych unit after a streak of patient to patient rapes, assaults, and a murder of a patient by another patient, all directly attributable to lack of adequate staffing. This, in addition to daily assaults and injuries to staff, some serious. It came at the end of many many months of doing everything in my power to get through to the administration how dangerous this all was. I'd kept solid data, and finally went public with it after I resigned, involving the media and local/state politicians and the Health Department.

    This experience as a whistle blower cost me months of harassment, attempts to personally discredit my character, and local blackballing so I couldn't find another job near home at all. It was a harsh awakening as to how deep the corruption can go in state/political systems, and how naive I was to believe if the powers that be only knew the truth, they would act to correct this.  In the end, it was all for naught.

    Now I know why. The poorest, the sickest, the most vulnerable simply don't count for much to those in power. Nor do those of us on the front lines who live with the consequences of the systems they rule. And those of us who do speak up, will be silenced and made to be very sorry we tried. Except I'm not sorry I tried my best.

    My heart is with you. Please take care of yourself.

    •  disheartening to be sure (6+ / 0-)

      Scribe -  While I want to think things will be different this time, I'm really not so sure.  Reading your own story brings it all so close to home, closer than it is every day.  I certainly feel the pain you've survived and don't wish that on anyone else, least of all me.

      For now, I'll keep telling the story while keeping in mind the harsh realities of what could really happen to me.  Both in the halls of the hospital and in the minds of those who certainly don't want to lose whatever control they think they have.

      I've unfortunately, been fighting losing battles most of my life and can't seem to give that up.  The win  always seems to be on the horizon.  Damn.

      Bless you for your work..


      •  I know.. (2+ / 0-)
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        captainlaser, merrily1000

        It's not possible for most of us on the front lines to not keep fighting as long as we can. There's no way to witness that degree of suffering first hand and stay detached, not for anyone with a beating heart. I'm retired now, and do not regret any of the battles, because I know I made a difference in a lot of lives, just as you are now.  Bless you too, and those you are trying to help...

        •  ongoing action (1+ / 0-)
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          This morning, I awoke to a short conversation on public radio with the editor of the Lancet, British medical journal.  The editor spent some time looking over the 1911 journal.  What were they talking about? Cancer was at the top of the list.  And here we are.  There's a money answer out there somewhere.

          Thank you so much for your work, support and encouragement.


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