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  •  I don't think this shows a lack of care (3+ / 0-)
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    nicolemm, JesseCW, cedar park

    Aftenpost and Al Akhbar are presumably using the same standards of redaction, etc.  This may have been against Assange's advice, but whoever in Wikileaks did share with these papers probably trusts their judgment. Wikileaks is also committed to getting information out there and to many as people as possible.  Hope someone asks Assange or someone in Wikileaks about these papers but of course then the main-stream media woulnd't have the time to harp on the "rape" nonsense.  Goodness forbid someone ask him about the contents of the cables and the process of releasing to secondary partners.

    •  It looks bad, Valhalla (3+ / 0-)
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      nicolemm, mint julep, cedar park

      Unfortunately my Norwegian is not up to the task of figuring out exactly what Aftenpost is releasing. But I can tell you that the Wikileaks site has only released about 2K cables. I could see them releasing more to Aftenpost... but all 250K? With that, they lose all control over the process. They even cast into doubt the authenticity of what Aftenpost has.  

      •  Actually the partners have all the cables (4+ / 0-)
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        nicolemm, ybruti, JesseCW, cedar park

        I believe El Pais, the Guardian, the Times, etc have all 250K.  The process is that as each paper redacts sensitive info then and publishes each cable with story then at the same time Wikileaks makes it available on their website.  I don't see a problem with Aftenposten getting the cables as long as they redact names, etc., which they promised to do so. Aftenposten is following the same pattern as the other papers and releasing about one-two cables each day with story. Aftenposten is Norway's biggest paper and paper of record and probably the most important paper in Scandanavia.  I don't see how this is bad.  I also think Wikileaks should consider sharing with some other non-Western papers, as long as they meet the same standards as the other papers.  I suggested the Hindu in India.  Sadly, I can't think of any paper in Chinese that could be relied on, which is a shame.

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