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View Diary: Remember "Demon Pass?" It's back! But IOKIYAR. (56 comments)

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  •  The ones pushing this DO NOT CARE about (0+ / 0-)

    any actual real world effects of what they do. Hamstring other Republicans? They're not Tea Party so they're not really Republicans, no matter what the ballot line said. the Tea Party is already on TV threatening primaries and holding Rs accountable, so it may be they forget about what they were sent to DC to do, vague though that is, and instead cut their sails to deal with election risk two years out, from the right.

    Is this what Dick Armey wanted out of all this, and why he is no longer an elected? It would be darkly humorous if they got rid of him for extremism and then have to look at him basically controlling the House from outside it, totally and completely unaccountable.

    And Paul Ryan's time being called anything other than TYRANT is limited to the next few days.

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