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View Diary: Band-Aid for the Lakotas: But a directly applied one (238 comments)

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  •  Thank you so much for your check and sorry for (6+ / 0-)

    the late reply.

    What really needs to happen is at the political level. That's how we change things.

    Pine Ridge and other reservations are literally still war torn, after hundreds of years, they need a Marshall Plan.

    There are no jobs, that's part of the 85% unemployment rate statistic. And Carter Camp and his tribe have been saying that this is a good solution to provide jobs.

    A predicament is the Tribe's sovereignty status. I'm not an expert to talk to this but it collides somehow with the Federal gov and prevents investors from investing because there is no tax break for them. i.e. wind farms could be set up in these perfect weather conditions on the rez but the tax break incentive is not there.

    There are lots of suggestions in the comments. My active team is small and we really need more folk to volunteer to champion projects.  Since we are all volunteers with Real Life issues it takes a bunch of us to make a difference. We're recruiting... are you in?

    Read the link in my diary and it will give you the typical scenario of bureaucratic red tape we face.

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