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View Diary: Greeting Cards for Rape Victims: 'You Got Bad Touched' (157 comments)

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    since I'm already here....

    The question is not one of suppressing artistic expression, nor is it one of curbing free speech. No one's telling "youstupidbitch" (the seller's handle) he can't draw all the nasty pictures he wants and sell them if he can find someone equally twisted and hateful as himself to buy them.

    Etsy is a third-party vendor. It facilitates the sale of products from independent sellers. It can choose to remove any product from its "shelves" at any time. It chooses not to remove this seller's products -- and if you believe MadRed's post above, it has gone to great lengths to muzzle dissent about its decision to continue selling the product, including scrubbing its Facebook page of critical comments. It is choosing to vend, and thereby profit, from selling products that are horrifically offensive, to the same extreme that Nazi, overtly racist, overtly anti-Semitic, or child-porn products would be. Etsy has the right, and in my mind the duty, to refuse to sell such overtly offensive products. They have chosen not to do so. I see no difference in Etsy's choice to vend these cards as I would its choice to vend, say, a card depicting three skinheads stomping an Orthodox Jew on the sidewalk, with or without the "appropriate" racial and anti-Semitic epithets to go with the drawing. ("Congratulations, Jewish person, you've been bad-touched!")

    In the same manner, a local store could choose to sell torture porn next to the My Little Pony pop-up books. By the logic that has been argued in this thread, such a sales choice is not only valid, it is mandatory, because the freedom of artistic expression trumps every other consideration. Even if something that masquerades as "art" conducts what I can only term "artistic brutalization" of its chosen victims (if someone has a better term, let's hear it), the argument is that the vendor is absolutely correct to choose to sell it. Fox is absolutely correct to show Glenn Beck's rants against the "socialist Demoncrats" and we should not protest it, because Fox is merely giving Beck an outlet for his creative expression -- if we find it offensive, we should merely turn the TV off and go do something else, but to protest it would be to advocate censorship.

    I don't blame Etsy for the douchebag. I blame Etsy for selling the douchebag's products on its shelves when it has the perfect right not to do so. It's not standing up for artistic freedom to sell his shit, it's a commercial decision, no different than the grocer's decision to sell Jif peanut butter but not Skippy. Except Jif doesn't use naked and sobbing rape victims on its labels to promote its product.

    "That kind of ignorant must hurt." -- Mrs. Max on teabaggers

    by Black Max on Wed Jan 05, 2011 at 08:37:24 PM PST

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