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View Diary: Obama to issue signing statement on Guantanamo restrictions (219 comments)

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  •  No (0+ / 0-)

    The commentary here does not assume that Obama is a magician a la Alexander the Great slicing the Gordian knot.  It spells out in a very specific manner how Obama has undermined reform and betrayed the prisoners at Guantanamo, condemning many innocent persons to the hell of indefinite detention without trial.  Obama has proactively  taken steps that have directly  harmed GTMO prisoners, formally endorsing indefinite detention, fighting habeas requests, imposing a blanket deportation ban on Yemeni prisoners, and personally blocking the transfer of Uighurs to northern Virginia.

    •  Theory is wonderful but not helpful' (0+ / 0-)

      HOW do you propose him to close GITMO when faced with a Congressional bar on doing so and no money to do it, no funds for trials, no funds for conventional jurisdiction prisons? Do remember that Shrub had his EXOs to back him up and an opinion from the Office of Legal Counsel. all of which he rescinded five days before leaving office so that Obama would not have the same tools he had taken for himself and got backed up by one of his authoritative because of position jerk opinion writers. Please address the 'how' question under the circumstances prevailing now, not just how much you, or I, dislike the current options.  

      •  The recent legislation (0+ / 0-)

        makes things much harder, but the tragedy is that if Obama had acted differently a lot of prisoners who now are trapped in GTMO would have been free.  Prior to this legislation, Obama did not have to impose the transfer ban on Yemen, and he did not have to resist the meritorious habeas cases.  Before earlier legislation passed by Congress prohibiting release of inmates in the US he did not have to personally block the release of Uighurs in northern Virginia.  I am heartbroken because, due to Obama's dithering, cowardice, and lack of leadership, individuals who would otherwise have been free will now have a very difficult time getting out of GTMO.  Let me repeat till I'm blue in the face: There are many innocent people in GTMO who now could be free if Obama had done the decent thing and let them return to their home countries or move to countries willing to accept them or (in the case of the Uighurs) let them come to the United States.  Obama could have done these things.  Congress wasn't stopping him.  He chose not to, and now innocent people are left with the prospect of indefinite detention possibly until the end of their lives.  It is unforgivable.

        •  You may be mad at Obama, but what I do not see in (0+ / 0-)

          your response is any answer to the practical question of HOW to close GITMO under the present prevailing circumstances. Anger generalized is not a substitute for a workable plan.

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