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  •  As humans, in this case detainees... (0+ / 0-)

    they are only entitled to basic rights of existence: food, water, medical attention, shelter from the elements, and protection from danger. I'm not making this up - its in the Geneva Convention.

    Also, depending on the circumstances when they were apprehended, as well as, the political disposition of their owning countries, they are afforded additional rights per the conventions. These entitlements might include trial by some means, and or release at the conclusion of the conflict.

    Beyond the above, the detainees are entitled to nothing. They sit in Guantanamo meeting all the above, and they are of no danger to you or me.

    As for your sadness towards me and my beliefs, I thank you, but I would caution against calling me a Republican - rather I am apolitical. Because I have walked the ground, I have personally seen the devastation that folks similar to the detainees have caused. At least if I were hit by a car (as you say) I would stand a better chance of surviving than I would by being too close to vehicle-born IED when it explodes. Traffic accidents occur regardless of precautions taken; whereas those who intentionally cause terrorism among a population are to be stopped. Virtue ethics tells us to pursue good, and fight evil - I can see nothing in the detainees that is good, only evil.

    Maybe we should truck on over to namby-pamby land where we could find some self- confidence for you....ya jack wagon!

    by Iggy1962 on Tue Jan 04, 2011 at 12:50:00 PM PST

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