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  •  Simplistic Winners and Losers Carries the Day (4+ / 0-)

    in Republican lexicon.

    They want to feel they are part of the "winners," and that everyone else is trying to rob from them.

    Intellectually they understand what's going on, but emotionally they are still stuck on "the lazy unemployed" and the "lazy disabled" concept that is causing society to be robbed.

    That's why New FL governor Rick Scott wants to make the unemployed do community service.

    Turning us against each other is the most effective way to keep us distracted from the real culprits (Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Military) that are stealing from us.

    By voting for Republicans they feel they are part of the winners!!

    The idea that "hard work pays off" is so ingrained, that it is somehow your own fault when you are not part of the winners.

    Single-payer was out at the start. The public option died. A Medicare buy-in died. The number of Americans who would be covered shrank.

    by fayeforcure on Tue Jan 04, 2011 at 07:47:46 AM PST

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