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View Diary: Jon Stewart to Sen Gillibrand: "Does anyone sit with you in the Senate cafeteria?" (292 comments)

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  •  Aw shucks. (10+ / 0-)

    Thanks for that.  :-)  BTW, I just transcribed not Gillibrand's interview, but Stephen's mocking of the gold standard being pushed by Ron Paul and Glenn Beck, including his interview with Paul himself.

    As as I said last night, Gillibrand is someone I'd be proud to support in a Presidential campaign (no, not 2012).  And it's not just because she's the only one in the Senate with a UCLA degree.  ;-)

    But seriously, when I told my mom that Gillibrand can speak Chinese, she immediately lit up, and told me that Kirsten's someone who can think long-term, and that you can't even begin to understand the goodwill that would engender with the Chinese, if the American President can actually speak their language.  They'd respect someone like her more than me (a Chinese-American who can't speak or read or write Chinese).

    And given how big a role China is gonna play in foreign policy and our economy (i.e., all the debt they hold over our heads), having someone in power that the Chinese people and leaders truly respect would be a huge deal for us.  Seriously, this cannot be underestimated.  Having someone there they truly respect for having taken the time to learn their language (even if not fluently) could be critical in securing a better deal in our negotiations.

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