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View Diary: Republicans Think Their Base Are Idiots (Poll) Update (203 comments)

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  •  and they're completely justified in thinking that (12+ / 0-)

    Republicans think their base are idiots for a very good reason... they freakin' ARE.

    I live in a very red state, I live and work with these people, and, with very, very few exceptions, they are profoundly, gobsmackingly stupid.  Seriously.  I'm not just saying that to be abusive to Republicans (although I'm not above that).  

    Every other day some urban-legend e-mail goes around the office, and it's always sent by some Republican or other, alarmed that people are trying to knock you out with ether disguised as perfume samples in the parking lots of Wal-Mart, or long-dead Madeline Murray O'Hair is getting all religious programming removed from the airwaves, or Al Quada is buying used UPS uniforms so they can deliver bombs, or some other ridiculous horseshit that anyone who can actually use logic would dismiss.

    My co-worker gets a new virus on her computer every week because she falls for every scam that's e-mailed to her.  "But they said they needed my Ebay password!  Why do people do that?"   She's always asking me things like "Do people on the internet ever say things that aren't true?"  They believe anything.  Seriously - any fucking thing.  I could sell these people magic beans.

    I've got a huge list of quotes from a Republican co-worker that people think I made up because they're so astronomically stupid.  I should start a "ShitMyCo-WorkerSays" Twitter account and see if CBS will give me a show.  This co-worker drinks her coffee out of a candy dish... she thinks it's supposed to be used as a cup because it has a handle on it.  She also doesn't know you're supposed to wash your coffee cup occasionally, especially if you use a lot of milk, and then gets grossed out when she finds mold growing in the bottom of what she's drinking.

    And the things these people write... god, their e-mails are like the product of some remedial English As A Second Language class.  I think I know exactly one Republican who writes well.  The rest of them... horrible spelling, no clue about grammar, and you can tell it hurts them to try to put words together on paper.  I'm not talking about simple typos or careless "your/you're" or "their/there/they're" transpositions that we all screw up and make when we're in a hurry, but serious borderline-illiteracy.  

    A lot of 'em are downright medieval.  One gets headaches that she (seriously) blames on "demons" who bother her.  She actually believes that little devils are poking her brain with the little pitchforks.  I thought she was joking, but, nope, she thinks that's what causes headaches.  Their superstitions are uncountable.  Haints, ghosts, devils, you name it - they're all parts of their world, and they fear them.

    Seriously, some of these people are about three brain cells away from picking up things off the street and trying to eat them.  Every day some Republican amazes me with some new completely-idiotic thing they don't understand and need help with.  

    Republicans don't just think their base is made up of idiots... they know it, and they take full advantage of it.  Hell, look at Glenn Beck... how far would that maroon get with an audience who could actually think?

    "Glenn Beck ends up looking like a fat, stupid child. His face should be wearing a chef's hat on the side of a box of eclairs. " - Doug Stanhope

    by Front Toward Enemy on Wed Jan 05, 2011 at 08:08:20 AM PST

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