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View Diary: Rep. Steve King: All Life Is Sacred...Except for The Woman's Life That Is (25 comments)

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  •  Many problems you don't mention (4+ / 0-)

    First of all, if you ask ANYONE who isn't a Religious Fundamentalist when their life began, they will say "When I was born."  Nobody thinks of their own life begining when they were conceived.  So if his whole theory revolves around appealing to people by asking when they were born, he has already failed and is clearly delusional.

    He also wants to claim that life is sacred from conception until a natural death?  Aside from your own rebuttal to that, that it ignores the life of many women, it ignores the FACT that the taxpayers already pay for war which kills a number of not just American soldiers but foreign troops, civilians, etc.  Why aren't their lives sacred and protected?  His taxpayer dollars are funding the death of all those people.  And while we all hold the troops in high regard I think any honest person will recognize that people in power treat those troops like their own personal GI Joe's in a sandbox.  Why aren't their lives held to the same regard as a microscopic cell?  

    Hell, what about health care and the health insurance companies then?  THeir whole business make-up involves finding new and creative ways to dump people from their roles, or discourage people with less money from signing up.  Clearly capitalism, the very economic system we live our lives by and basically worship, doesn't give a damn about the "sacredness of life".  And if we are trying to survive in this system, where people in power don't care about the sacredness of life, and the people who employ us and allow us to make a living don't care...why should some poor, homeless woman who is in a bad situation and wants help?  Why should some 13 year old who makes a mistake and is scared to death about her future?  Or some rape victim?   It is bullshit to preach about the sacredness of life when we are surrounded by examples every single day that this is BS.

    Not that life isn't sacred or precious or valuable.  But maybe, just maybe, there are causes that are better worth fighting for than trying to force some kid to chose between her own life, her future, and some microscopic cells.  

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