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    The report is that they think they'll have a vote on the 24th. When pressed as to whether this would be a 50+ vote or not, I was told that they are looking for a 67 vote margin on this.

    My message to them was as follows:

    The voters are watching and they are not stupid. They know this is about money: the degree to which they wimp out is the degree to which they are bought off, and the degree to which they will get pilloried for caving in.

    It only requires 50 Senators and Biden to vote for a change. Any vote where we get more Senators than that represents the degree to which the change has been weakened.

    I was also told that should call my Senators, but frankly calling Murray and Cantwell isn't going to mean much. They're spineless. They voted for the tax package, even though it didn't need their votes to pass. The best thing we can do is to spend our time gathering a progressive challenger for Cantwell in the 2012 elections. (I'm actively looking if you know anyone.)

    You can tell from the fact that this isn't already done that they are trying to squirm out of voting for it. If you really had 53 Senators on board, then the vote should have been a done deal when the Senate opened for business. All that's required is to put the motion on the floor and take a vote.

    But they don't have that much courage. Slime mold gets a better rating because at least it's persistent.

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