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View Diary: And so the fight begins: Fighting Republican attempts to turn back progress (148 comments)

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    I think in re-reading your post, we are probably in agreement, but are talking past each other.

    When I say "ignore it" - what I mean is let is pass the house and vote against it.

    DO NOT offer amendments b/c the Rs will then point to them and say that "even the Ds agree that the Act is flawed."

    Instead, vote against it and then Ds get the upper hand in the media debate b/c the Rs are "not serious" about the problem and want to take away all the protections that the American people love in the bill.

    If REPUBLICANS have problems with the bill, they should point out what problems they have.  If they say that they have problems with ALL OF IT, then take them at face value.  Its an absurd, un serious position, but take them at face value.  vote agianst it an move on (in the chamber) but (and here's where I think we are in agreement) in the press, lambast them for trashing the popular parts and for not being serious.

    I challenge anyone to make a good argument from the Rs perspective as to why the ENTIRE Act should be repealed, and whey its incumbent on the Ds to point out any "warts" in a compromise bill that they, themselves, passed.

    If anyone wants to talk about any particular provision, fine.  Lets talk.  But until then, Ds should tell Rs to STFU.

    ...I did not trade arms for hostages...My heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not -Reagan

    by MRL on Thu Jan 06, 2011 at 04:41:08 AM PST

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