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  •  actually, Susan Boyle had done a lot of singing.. (0+ / 0-)

    ... already before she was "discovered." Various contests and TV shows, even a CD which many people cherished for her rendition of "Cry Me a River." I believe Simon Cowell knew her talents and his rolling-the-eyes act at her audition was exactly that -- an act.

    'Fair and balanced.' The Republicans take a lie and balance it with a truth, and sometimes they leave out the truth. -MinistryOfTruth

    by Late Boomer on Thu Jan 06, 2011 at 09:47:06 PM PST

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    •  Think you're probably right with . . . (0+ / 0-)

      respect to Cowell's reaction.  Impossible to know for sure, but I suspect it probably was a bit of a set-up on his part.  

      As far as Boyle goes, I think a key difference between her and Ted Williams is that Williams actually had a professional career in radio -- including a stint in the biggest market in the U.S. in NYC prior to his encounter with debilitating addiction.  Boyle was a very, very talented amateur before her discovery.

      e.g. Her "Britain's Got Talent" song "I Dreamed a Dream" she really knocked out of the park -- she made that her song.  But in terms of the other material that she's done she's done good work, but it hasn't been the same quality.  Her later performances on the "Britain's Got Talent" program also weren't even close to the same quality.

      What strikes me about Williams's voice overs is that he seems to be able to nail the scripts he's given on something close to a cold reading.  The bits on things like the NBC morning show intro may have been done in multiple takes, but at an absolute maximum he was able to nail the intro the morning that he walked into the studio (probably in less than an hour).  The guy has the natural gift -- he also clearly has mastered his instrument.  If he stays clean I think he'll probably have even more staying power than Boyle.  Boyle will always have her fan base, but I can see this guy getting offers from big-time players even after the buzz has died down.

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