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  •  Characters from Alice in Wonderland? (0+ / 0-)

    Think of John Boehner as the Mock Turtle, Eric Cantor as the Gryphon with Michelle Bachmann (?) as the ("off his head!") Queen.

    From the chapter titled "The Mock-Turtle's Story":

    "They had not gone far before they saw the Mock Turtle in the distance, sitting sad and lonely on a little ledge of rock, and, as they came nearer, Alice could hear him sighing as if his heart would break. She pitied him deeply. 'What is his sorrow?" she asked the Gryphon. And the Gryphon answered,...'It's all his fancy, that: he hasn't got no sorrow, you know...'"
    "So they went up to the Mock Turtle, who looked at them with large eyes full of tears, but said nothing.
    'This here young lady,' said the Gryphon, 'she wants for to know your history, she do.'...."
    "'When we were little,' the Mock Turtle went on at last, more calmly, though still sobbing a little now and then, 'we went to school in the sea. The master was an old Turtle--we used to call him Tortoise-----'
    'Why did you call him Tortoise, if he wasn't one?' Alice asked.
    'We called him tortoise because he taught us,' said the Mock Turtle angrily. 'Really you are very dull!'
    'You ought to be ashamed of yourself for asking such a simple question,' added the Gryphon; and then they both sat silent and looked at poor Alice, who felt ready to sink into the earth. At last the Gryphon said to the Mock Turtle 'Drive on, old fellow! Don't be all day about it!' and he went on in these words:--
    'Yes, we went to school in the sea, though you mayn't believe it----'...."
    "...'Now, at ours, they had, at the end of the bill, "French, music, and washing--extra."'
    'You couldn't have wanted it much,' said Alice; 'living at the bottom of the sea.'
    'I couldn't afford to learn it,' said the Mock Turtle with a sigh. 'I only took the regular course.'
    'What was that?' inquired Alice.
    'Reeling and Writhing, of course, to begin with,' the Mock Turtle replied; 'and then the different branches of Arithmetic--Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision.'"

    Yup, the US House finally succeeded in getting their bloated beings down the rabbit hole.

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