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View Diary: Time for Brit Hume to resign (4 comments)

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    I think DKos has been eerily silent on this. I know everyone's excited about the Gannon Affair, but we can't let Hume and Fox get away with this. We have a chance to bring them down. The vast right wing conspiracy is this close to being exposed and we can't let the media move on to Negroponte and Iran and other stuff. We need an organized assault on the fact that the GOP has bought the free press while decrying a mythical left wing media. It's time for prominent Dems to stand up and say ENOUGH! Where are the elected Dems?! It's not enough to say "we always knew Hume or Fox had an agenda." We have to expose them as the lying liars they are and discredit them as a news network they way they did CBS!

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