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View Diary: SF Supe: Inmate Ed Jew 'gets more black cock' than gay pol (60 comments)

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    As a person living in former Supervisor Ed Jew's district, I find Chris Daly's comment disgusting not only to the former Supervisor who is serving his time but to my district which was put through the pervibial ringer because of Ed Jew's conviction.

    Male rape is not funny.  Ed's family has suffered enough.  Former Supervisor Jew is paying for his conviction by being imprisoned in Arizona, far away from his family and his flower business which is struggling.

    No need to repeat drunken comments in diary format.  SF weekly is a bad taste, gossip rag that has little to print except for garbage like this.

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      I don't know anything about Ed Jew or his case and it's unfortunate that his family has to suffer whatever he did, however, that doesn't mean making jokes at his expense is out bounds.  Yes, it was in bad taste but nless Mr. Jew is actually getting raped in prison, so what?

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