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View Diary: Readers & Book Lovers: Should Books Die a Natural Death? (202 comments)

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  •  I think the only reason why my town is (11+ / 0-)

    getting a new library is because FEMA is paying the bulk of costs.  Our last library flooded out in June of 2008.

    "They" didn't think it would get that bad.  Hell..... On Wednesday, every knowledgeable person was saying that the water was going to continue to rise.  Then on Thursday it rained 6 inches.  If the asshole director had any common sense would have known that the 3 layers of sandbags wouldn't be enough.  He had the stupidity of saying that there was noting in the building that couldn't be replaced.....  Yeah, say that about the Sandborn insurance maps, the cemetery plot directories, the microfished newspapers, etc.  "They" claimed to have moved a least the bottom two shelves of books up.  But, if you can find the photos, it clearly shows that they did no such thing.  For the past two years, the local library has been functioning out of an unrented space a the local mall.  The owners of the mall offered to sell the structure to the city for city/county/library.  The city said no thanks, the 5 million dollar price tag to upgrade the roof was too much.  But, they're happy to spend 15 million for a 'new' library in an area that no longer has bus transportation, etc...  They are putting the new library in a very nice place, directly across from the original library (not the one that flooded, which was the second library and was much larger than the first).

    Can you tell I'm still pissed about this??

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