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View Diary: Readers & Book Lovers: Should Books Die a Natural Death? (202 comments)

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    our generation(s) is the wrong group to ask.  It's the generation that grows up with the technology as obvious, familiar furniture of their daily world that ultimately decides these things.  Paraphrasing Max Plank, "scientific revolutions don't occur by convincing the opposition (old guard), but by the opposition dying out and a new generation being trained in an environment where these ideas are taken for granted."  I'm old enough to remember a world prior to the internet, where there were no mega-book stores (just Walden's and B Daltons) and where I had to drive for hundreds of miles around the countryside, going to used bookstores to find things worth reading.  An iPhone has immensely more power than my first home computer in the palm of your hand and the young'ns can't even imagine what the world was like prior to the internet.

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