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View Diary: Readers & Book Lovers: Should Books Die a Natural Death? (202 comments)

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  •  Buying a Nook was great for me (4+ / 0-)

    I'm reading more fiction, was able to read a friend's novel manuscript and help him critique it before he sent it to his publisher, and no longer risk scoliosis carrying heavy books in my purse.  This piece of "high-priced electronic crap" has brought me a lot of pleasure and enriched two authors I otherwise likely wouldn't have read.  It's also cheaper to buy an e-book, and frankly I don't have all that much money.  I would never have read =The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks= if I hadn't been able to buy an e-copy - how does that benefit either me or the author?

    And oh - I still buy plenty of actual books.  Why wouldn't I?  Art books aren't suitable for e-format, at least on a small e-reader.  Why would anyone assume that buying a Nook or a Kindle means that one will never stray into an actual bookstore again?

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