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View Diary: Readers & Book Lovers: Should Books Die a Natural Death? (202 comments)

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    I read at a comfortable level of some 600 words a minute and have in my life time read thousands of books.

    Currently I am reading a series of self published e books that are as good or better than what is out there in hard print.

    I don't mind wading through the trash I am far better at choosing the material that appeals to me than any publisher ever thought of.

    They are publishing what is in currently in style and will sell the most copies this is not always  what I want to read.

    On the other side I am concerned about what will become of libraries that many depend on for their reading material. Not everybosy can afford even a small cost. Will we become a world where only those who can pay have access to information?

    It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is not what he has -Henry Ward Beecher

    by PSWaterspirit on Thu Jan 06, 2011 at 09:20:36 PM PST

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