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  •  if this is an example of the next two years (1+ / 0-)
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    the American electorate will all be babbling idiots like the people they just elected to represent them. Bald faced lies, total denial is the order of the day. The first hour of the new House debate is absolutely unbelievable!

    Is there any provision in the Constitution for repealing a election on the grounds of bald faced deceit.  So far the new House has    broken every promise they made and are bragging about it.

    Unreal!  Good work Democrats. You can now see the fruits of your lack of effort and ye shall reap what ye have sown.

    I finally give up. I am NOT going to watch this travesty for the next two years. It is  criminal abrogation of a sacred contract, and if people buy it they deserve everything they are going to get.

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