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View Diary: Bill Daley Is A Pragmatic Choice That Should Not Worry Progressives (63 comments)

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  •  I really don't think labels fit any longer (0+ / 0-)

    Most of the people I know are a combination of both liberal and conservative. It depends on the issue. I think that is what has given rise to the numbers of registered independents,very few are still only one way, as the poll numbers show.
    Neither party recognizes this, but most folks are reality based. I think that is why DADT, time had come for repeal, and the same with gay marriage. Those politicians who realize this and work within this new reality will be rewarded. The right can call this President a socialist, and the left can call him a corporatist, but no President is going to fully please both of these groups, all he can do is the best he can do for the majority of the people of the country, and hope it is good enough. Finding the right combination is difficult and it takes time, and bringing the people along takes time as well.

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